Scott Medical Products Celebrates 10 Years Without Lost Time Accident

Scott Medical Products (SMP), a division of Air Liquide Healthcare, supplies cylinder products globally ranging from medical drugs/devices, to calibration gases, equipment and services. The majority of business is sold through OEM’s in disposable cylinders by supplying over 500 products to 67 countries. One of the pillars of Air Liquide’s success is its employees’ awareness of and commitment to performing their jobs safely each day. This dedication to maintaining a safety culture has allowed SMP to achieve another major safety milestone.

On April 7, 2015, SMP reached the monumental safety achievement of 10 years without a Lost Time Accident.

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Jill Blake-Morton, SMP’s General Manager, and the employees at SMP’s Plumsteadville, Pa. facility celebrated this occasion with a time of reflection and recognition followed by a catered luncheon. Also in attendance were Christophe Tardieu, CEO of Air Liquide Healthcare America Corporation from Houston, Texas and Gerald Berger, Director, Safety, Quality, Training & Risk from Rancho Mirage, California.

Jill Blake-Morton stated, “This safety milestone is an end result of the commitment and dedication to the Air Liquide safety culture by the entire SMP team. Safety is a journey, a daily initiative, and we must keep pushing. This trend can and will continue through the continued vigilance to ensure everyone goes home safely each day.”

Congratulations to the SMP team for their outstanding achievement!