Blood Gas Calibration Gases

Scott Medical Products has years of experience and a reputation for manufacturing proven-quality blood gas calibration products. Scott Medical Products has set the industry standard for accurate and reliable calibration of blood gas instruments. Some suppliers may offer lesser quality grades, however Scott features a single precision-grade calibration gas that is guaranteed to provide accurate calibration of blood gas instruments.

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  • Transcutaneous monitor standards
  • Tonometer standards
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Areas of Use:

  • Intensive care/NICU/CCU
  • Operating room
  • Emergency room
  • Clinical labs
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Physician offices and labs
  • Instrument manufacturing
  • Instrument service organizations

The following defines our standard product specifications. Custom specifications are available upon request.


Method of PreparationMinimum ConcentrationComponentsBlend AccuracyAnalytical Accuracy
Gravimetric1%CO2, O2, N2± 0.03% absolute± 0.03% absolute
Expiration PeriodRaw MaterialTraceabilityGas Specifications
3 years *USP/NF or equivalentNIST Class 1 WeightsH2O < 20 ppm CH4 < 10 ppm

*Please Note:
Expiration period for 49-size cylinders = 5 years.
Expiration period for BD-size cylinders = 2 years.