Blood Gas Calibration Gases

Scott Medical Products has years of experience and a reputation for manufacturing proven-quality blood gas calibration products. SMP has set the industry standard for accurate and reliable calibration of blood gas instruments. Some suppliers may offer lesser quality grades, however Scott features a single precision-grade calibration gas that is guaranteed to provide accurate calibration of blood gas instruments.

  • Blood gas standards
  • Transcutaneous monitor standards
  • Tonometer standards
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Areas of Use:

  • Intensive care/NICU/CCU
  • Operating room
  • Emergency room
  • Clinical labs
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Physician offices and labs
  • Instrument manufacturing
  • Instrument service organizations

The following defines our standard product specifications. Custom specifications are available upon request.


Method of PreparationMinimum ConcentrationComponentsBlend AccuracyAnalytical Accuracy
Gravimetric1%CO2, O2, N2± 0.03% absolute± 0.03% absolute
Expiration PeriodRaw MaterialTraceabilityGas Specifications
3 years *USP/NF or equivalentNIST Class 1 WeightsH2O < 20 ppm CH4 < 10 ppm

*Please Note:
Expiration period for 49-size cylinders = 5 years.
Expiration period for BD-size cylinders = 2 years.